Greetings Classic Movie Fans...

This is just an update to keep you informed on what has been transpiring on this website and the classic movie content on my YouTube channel which as you are probably now aware, is disabled.

Last June I decided to start posting old movies on a channel I've had over twelve years. I hadn't used it for some time and I thought posting the movies now would be appropiate for "old timers" like me and... according to YouTube's analytics, 75% of my viewers were over 65 years old.

I wanted to give my viewers great movie selections at no cost to them and without commercials interrupting every few minutes. I followed YouTube's Policies and agreed with them.

My first upload of movies was on June 17th 2020 and I was amazed and delighted at the response I received. In the next four months I had uploated over 1,200 full length movies to my channel and had over 600 subscribers, hundreds of likes, many comments and lots of shares.

I'm currently working with YouTube and Google as well as Warner Bros Entertainment (who issued the takedown) to get my channel back up. It may take some time but I'll let you know what's happening as soon as I have more news.

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me. And thanks for your support. For those of you wanting to be on my email list so that I can personally contact you after this is all resolved, please use this mailbox:

PS: Your support to keep this website operating and bring back the classic movie content is now needed more than ever. To offer financial support of any amount, click on the heart/hand logo link below:

(To see a list of the movies that were uploaded by me and removed by YouTube for Copyright Infringement, CLICK HERE.)

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